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Why Artificial Intelligence important for future Organizations?

In past information technology revolution swept across the business ecosystem at global level. It modernized business operations by automation of processes and improving information management systems. In modern business environment, insights hold the key to value creation and competitive advantage. Investors are eyeing on AI to be the first investment priority in future for its integration in business operations.

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial intelligence blessed the machines with the ability to learn, adapt and perform functions of humans. AI uses intelligent algorithms and iterative processes, allowing software to learn through its experience and analyze the pattern of data. Some common form of AI use include robots, chatbots, and digital assistants.

Major Subfields
  • NLP: Natural Language Processing allows a computer to understand, monitor, generate and analyze human language and speech.

  • ML: Machine learning enables computer to analyze statistical data without guidance to focus a particular section

  • DL: Deep learning allows computer to learn from its experience by analyzing huge volume of data utilizing layers of processors and neural networks. It is a form of machine learning and is used to recognizing images and speech.

What makes AI so Important?
AI will help in digging out actionable insights which are buried under the burden of insurmountable data. Such data comprise of information about videos, photos, social media posts, text messages, and emails. This data is in unstructured form and is not possible for humans to extract minutest detail.

By developing thousands of computer capable of AI, it would be possible resolve complex problems and see data which are not visible to trained professionals.

AI will also help in the automation of process by reducing time of employees so that they may focus on other pressing concerns. The effects of AI will be felt in the years to come because it will revolutionize various sectors of social and business life. AI can even write essay for me or articles for customers